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We study how the use of ICT (and the multi-tasking often associated with it) affects our cognition: the way we perceive, pay attention and remember.


Results of recent studies show that ICT are not only affecting the way we look for, obtain or produce information, but also the way our cognitive system processes and works with this information.

Concepts developed from psychology, such as selective attention, working memory, the executive processes or cognitive resources, come into play when we want to study whether the use of Internet and other ICT tools actually produces an over-stimulation that makes it difficult to achieve deep concentration; or whether, on the other hand, multi-tasking makes us better adapted to the current technological society.

The relevance and debate about this topic make it necessary to carry out a rigorous study from the perspective of psychology.



¿Es nociva la tecnología? [Is technology harmful?] Article about the book The Glass Cage: Automation and Us by the American writer Nicholas Carr, in the supplement Babelia from El País. 18th September 2014.

Debate of Psychology about ‘Memento, the truth, the lie and the memory’


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