The elderly and technology


2005-2006 – Secretary of Telecommunications and Information Society (Catalonian Government) and 22@ Barcelona, S.A.

The purpose of the project is the elaboration of basic material for the creation of the model for the functioning of the GeriaTIC project of the 22@ Barcelona.

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PSiNET’s task consists of performing an analysis of the situation of elderly people with regard to the information and communication technologies (TIC) in the sector of health, control of the environment and leisure. This analysis is intended to document the GeriaTIC project developed by the Barcelona City Hall and the Catalonian Government in distrito 22@ in Barcelona.

The review of the documentation, along with the information obtained in discussion groups with elderly people who use ICT, make it possible to identify the existing market, the products and services, the needs not being covered, and good practices related to the three sectors studied.

The conclusions of the study orient the introduction of ICT in the lives of elderly people, abandoning the assistance model and presenting ICT to the individual and society as a source of new possibilities and an opportunity for change.





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Mobile Technologies and (G)Local Challenges research group, IN3-UOC.