Adolescents and ICT


2013- today.

The purpose of the project is to design and validate an online psychoeducational intervention in a sample of children with high sensitivity to anxiety (they do not present anxiety pathology, but they do present symptoms).

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The project, which forms part of a doctoral thesis, is developed through the following actions:

  • Design a website for adolescents.
  • Explore the emotional state of adolescents in lower secondary school and select those who have high sensitivity to anxiety and can benefit from psycho-education.
  • Provide tools for adolescents to control non-pathological anxiety and receive the advice of a professional expert.





Featured publicacions:

Martínez, M. y Guillamón, N. (2014). Adolescents en Xarxa: Recursos TIC para la promoción de la salud en adolescentes. [Adolescents oline: ICT resources for health promotion]. Comunicación presentada en la Jornada Psicología 2.0. Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Catalunya. Barcelona, 31 de Mayo de 2014.

Martínez, M. (2013). Estratègies d’afrontament i nivells d’ansietat en els adolescents. [Coping strategies and anxiety in adolescence]. (Trabajo de investigación inéditos). Departament de Psiquiatria i Psicologia Mèdica. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Martínez, M. (2013). Avaluació d’un programa pilot per adolescents amb elevada ansietat. [Testing a pilot program for adolescents with high levels of anxiety]. (Trabajo de Suficiencia investigadora inédito). Departamento de Psiquiatría y Medicina Legal. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

II International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology on Children and Adolescents, Eines TIC per la intervenció psicològica amb nens i adolescents. 17-19 de novembre del 2016. Barcelona. presentacionbcnnov16progpsicoed



The project is carried out in collaboration with the Secondary Schools in Catalonia.