Lifestyle and quality of life in the ICT society


2002-2003 – IN3 (IR220)

Analysis of the reality of the health contents on the Internet, as well as the requirements of users and Internet users.

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The doctor-patient relationship is a question of interest in Health Psychology from its origins as a discipline. In recent years, a new interaction scenario emerged that must be discovered and analysed. PSiNET’s proposal is to favour the creation of virtual meeting spaces between health professionals and the users of health information and services.

Putting into motion digital platforms of health services for citizens in the 21st century requires, first, knowing the reality of the different groups involved in the field of online health. Along these lines, the project intends to discover the reality of the resources and contents about health on the Internet and the requirements of the people who use or want to use these resources.





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Agència de Qualitat d’Internet (IQUA).