Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UOC and Coordinator of PSiNET.
Coordinator of the Area Education, Empowerment and Participation in the eHealth Center at UOC.

Psychology and eHealth; eHealth Literacy; Online Psychological Interventions; Health promotion; Psychology 2.0; Empowerment; Child and Adolescent Mental Health; Technology and the elderly; Evaluation and treatment of pain.

I am a Psychologist and Doctor of Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where I started my academic studies. In addition to my work in clinical and educational practice, I have been a researcher and Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, 1991-2010), The University Ramon Llull (URL, 1997-2003) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC, 1995- present). I have been a researcher for the PSiNET group since 2003.