Collaborator with the PSiNET research group.

Children and Adolescents Mental Health; Health Promotion; eLearning; Psychological intervention.

My degrees include: bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2003); master’s degree in Health and Clinical Psychology (University of Barcelona, 2012); postgraduate degree in Integrated Psychotherapy (University of Girona, 2012); postgraduate degree in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy ( University of Girona, 2012); postgraduate degree in Couples Therapy (University of Girona, 2014). I am currently studying a master in Family Therapy, from an integrated perspective, (University of Girona). Since 2008, I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist in individual and couple therapy in the private sector, where I teach and disseminate topics related to psychology and psychotherapy. Previously I worked as a clinical Psychologist in the “Pain Clinic.” I have also worked as a psychologist for Technical Services at Family Meeting Points in the Department of Welfare and Family from the Government of Catalonia. From 2008 to 2010, I was the Director of the Program for Prevention and Reduction in the Use of Drugs and Risk Behaviour in the regional Advisory Council of Osona, where my job entailed intervention, coordination, research and education for affected adolescents and their families.