The Master in General Health Psychology (inter-university UdG-UOC), which is designed to prepare the students for professional practice as healthcare psychologists.

In addition, we have designed and led the Health and Internet course from the Master in the Information and Knowledge Society offered by the UOC. The purpose is to train students from diverse knowledge areas in the overall eHealth model. . We also do training at the Masters in Psychological intervention in rare diseases, the Masters in early care and family, the Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology, and the Masters in Adoption and fostering: a multidisciplinary intervention.


The course Health psychology and quality of life in the Psychology Degree of the UOC.

Research Practicum and Bachelor Degree Thesis: We accept students who are interested in taking these practicum courses and bachelor degree thesis in any of the research areas of PSiNET. We offer the opportunity to become integrated in one of our projects and participate in an active way. These openings are offered depending on the situation and needs of each project.

Contact us if you are interested.