Psychology, Health & ICT

Behavior Design

Our aim is to describe and understand the principles, models, and techniques that promote behaviour change through ICT’s both in the field of individual health and in the field of Public Health; both analysing devices persuasiveness and collaborating with designers in eHealth projects.



PSY-COVID-19 (2020 – )


Objective: Incorporate different behavioral design strategies to improve the number of responses to the survey on psychological effects of covid19

Team: Antoni Sanz (PI) (UAB) and a team of more than 75 researchers from different universities around the world. From UOC: Clara Selva, Manuel Armayones and Noemí Robles.


XPA Patient Covid Experience (2020 – )

Funding: XPA (Patient Experience Unit) Hospital Clínic and UOC eHealth Center.

Objective: To analyse from different points of view (patients, professionals) the patients experience during their hospital admission in areas such technology ,psychological variables and other quality indicators.

Team: Joan Escarabill (PI) (Hospital Clínic), Manuel Armayones, Noemí Robles, Maelle Lebon (IS Global) and different specialists from hospitals around Catalonia.


CLI-NIT: Quality of sleep during hospitalisation (2019 – )

Funding: XPA (Patient Experience Unit) Hospital Clínic and UOC eHealth Center.

Objective: Applying behaviour design to improve the quality of rest of the patients in Clinic Hospital.

Team: Joan Escarrabill (PI) (Hospital Clínic), Manuel Armayones, Yolanda Graupera (Hospital Clínic), Noemí Robles and Elena Salas (Hospital Clínic).


HABEATS (2019)

Funding: Private funding.

Objective: Help IT designers of a mobile application aimed to help patients to leave tobacco and alcohol before hip surgery, to increase the adherence both to the app and to the psychological interventions.

Team: Manuel Armayones (PI), Antoni Baena, Marina Bosque, Beni Gómez, Eulàlia Hernàndez and Modesta Pousada.


Learn: Towards an educational model for lifelong learning (2018-2020)

Funding: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Elearn Center).

Objective: To create a model that facilitates lifelong learning in a distance learning context incorporing behavior design in different project stages.

Team: Josep Maria Batalla Busquets, Jordi Conesa i Caralt, Montserrat Garcia Alsina, Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, María Jesús Martínez Argüelles and Enric Mor Pera (UOC).


Botter: A personal robot for new UOC students (2016-2020)

Funding: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Elearn Center).

Objective: To make the training process more dynamic, improve support and promote better and incorporing specific strategies to students engagement from a behavioural perspective.

Team: Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, Manuel Armayones, Modesta Pousada, Eulàlia Hernández, Santi Caballé, Jordi Conesa and Francesc Santanach (UOC).